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Content clarity, consistency and quality make a beautiful trio.

Why? Content leads to higher sales, more leads, greater website traffic, more visibility, a “together” culture, deeper relationships — and a sparkly celebratory feel at the company holiday party.

We offer two content subscriptions for middle market companies — one light and one heavy — tailored to your industry, business strategy and budget. They are easy to budget and fun to see your story come alive. Here’s a rudimentary look at what they include.

Content Light

  • Content strategy

  • Editorial mission statement

  • Editorial calendar

  • 1 blog per month

  • 8 social media posts per month

Content Heavy

  • Content strategy

  • Editorial mission statement

  • Editorial calendar

  • 2 blogs/month

  • 12 social media posts/month

  • Website content audit

  • Quarterly press release

  • Quarterly newsletter

  • Content promotion recommendations

  • Employee engagement story plan: include your team in your company storytelling

  • Executive leadership storytelling program: make your leaders your storyteller ambassadors


We tailor content subscriptions to your company and industry. Let’s chat. Then we’ll send you a one-pager on our approach and fees.

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