Corporate Writing Workshops

 Shake Things Up. Engage Readers. Use high integrity communications to enhance your brand.

You have people at your company who write. Blogs, emails, the company newsletter and social media posts. AWESOME!

Let’s do a refresher, a revitalizer, a reimagining, a REBOOT in their approach to take it up a notch. Is your content working as hard as you are? Is it truly telling your company’s story?


Blog Writing Workshop for B2B Brands

  • Two hours, hands-on, on-site, $450-

  • Best practices for topics that inspire

  • The balance between authority and empathy

  • 6 awesome blog types

  • Why themes are important

  • Subheads for skimmer readers

  • Engaging narrative for deep readers

  • Idea gathering and internal stakeholders

The Company Newsletter Workshop for B2B Brands

  • Two hours, hands-on, on-site, $450-

  • Your values in your content

  • Headlines, length and digestible bites

  • Subject line writing

  • User-focused content

  • On-point: your company voice and tonality

  • Writing what others won't -- and why this matters

Content Workshop for Manufacturers

  • Two hours, hands-on, on-site, $450-

  • Finding the maker story

  • Writing your editorial mission statement

  • The founding story and why it matters

  • Gauging relevancy of topic to your audience

  • Nurturing internal stakeholders