Your website is your most important marketing content asset. Our 5-step approach makes you unforgettable.

Website Content Audit

We begin at the beginning, as author Lewis Carroll wrote in Alice in Wonderland. We review your website, analytics, user behavior, traffic sources, domain authority, backlinks, and a host of individual metrics so that the updated or new website attracts visitors looking for your solutions — and then encourages them to convert. We create with Chicago’s top website design firms or a designer of your choice.

Search Engine Optimization Content

The key to rising in Google’s rankings is high quality content. Writing integrity and identifying keyphrases optimizes your site. Content should inspire people to actually want to read the words, finding the content both helpful and informative. We write so people feel the passion and commitment behind your business.

User Journey Insight

A world without words is silent. A website without visitors is nonexistent. The right words hit upon the right themes for the people you want to attract. Through customer insight interviews and meetings with your frontline people in sales and customer service, we look at your website page-by-page, mapping out the questions we need to answer so visitors stay, linger for awhile and take action.

Finally, it’s time to write!! Our website creative brief identifies your company’s tone and voice and includes a content outline. We work side-by-side with the website design team — yours or ours.

Website Content

Before going live, we put the website through vigorous testing. We gather real-time feedback from real people. Do they find it helpful? Does the navigation anticipate their information needs? Is it a peaceful user journey or do they feel frustrated?

User Testing