How do you bill clients?

We provide a Statement of Work upfront. SOWs outline our scope of work. K+L clients love our invoices because they never have any surprises in them (a nice surprise all on its own!).

How do we gauge results?

For 6 and 12-month engagements, the K+L dashboard monitors data points like website traffic, new leads and sales. We work with you and your digital marketing team to identify the impact of our work.

Are you a marketing agency?

Nope. We are a boutique size storytelling company that focuses on two things only: helping you get clear on your brand story and delivering vibrant content.

All. The. Time. We work with some of Chicago’s top marketing, web design and digital agencies. We bring the story and the words, they create the rest!

Do you work with agencies?

For ongoing content engagements of 6 to 12 months, clients typically spend $2,500 on up per month. We’re building your content hub. Our work connects content strategy with business outcomes.

What is a typical budget?