Build media and influencer relationships without hiring an agency. (We know this sounds weird coming from an agency, but hear us out.)


PRESS+ gives you the tools to share your brand leadership

  • K+L Storytellers curates a list of journalists and influencers based on your audience. Our database of 800,000 media is updated daily.

  • Your list will be sent to you in a spreadsheet format with: contact name, email, physical address, phone number, preferred outreach method, social media handles, and circulation reach.

PRESS+ gives you story ideas, tools and PR confidence

  • 30-minute call with a K+L storyteller about your story, audience, media, and PR ideas

  • “Blog Roadmap” workbook to create blogs with a mission

  • Anatomy of a Media Interview Guide so you are prepped and ready for media interviews

PRESS+ is affordable at $499. Because guess what? YOU DON’T NEED TO SPEND A LOT TO ACCOMPLISH A LOT!!

Hit us up.

  1. Fill out your name and email below to request the PRESS+ questionnaire.

  2. Then send it back. (You’ll be billed $499 at this time.)

  3. We’ll schedule a call, give you lots of ideas, and email you your new PR tools.

  4. BEST PART: Expand your reach+connect with news and media influencers!!