Meaningful Marketing Strategy Session — for the POWER 10’s

This is for the POWER 10’s (growth-inspired organizations with 10 people or less) looking for brand confidence and clarity:

  • Am I saying the right things on my homepage (doubt is our worst enemy, isn’t it?) ?

  • Wow, there’s a million ways to market — where do I start?

  • I don’t even have time to brush my teeth - how do I fit social media into my packed schedule?

K+L Storytellers is excited to team up with marketing rockstar Miranda Rodriguez of Marketing for the Uninhibited. Besides having a cool company name, Miranda transforms small businesses into confident marketers. 2019? Hey, POWER 10’s, you got this!


Get clear.

Get jazzed.

Get meaningful.

About your marketing.


We’re here for you:

  • 30-min. kick-off conference call with M & M ($150 value)

  • Your brand story arc defined ($750 value)

  • Home page or about page content: you pick ($275 value)

  • Marketing strategy foundation ($275)

  • Marketing check-up call 2 weeks after with Miranda ($75 value)

  • Cost: $899 (total value is $1,525)



Miranda and I connected in 2018. THANK HEAVENS!!! The one thing I remember about that first coffee chat was how confident she was about marketing. While I know and love storytelling in business, marketing is the other side of the mountain — confusing and complex terrain. Never more!!!! We’re here to save the day (or at least make it a little more palatable) so YOU can save the day for your hero: your customer. Finally. Marketing for solopreneurs and small but mighty business. Get clear, have fun and lean on the the one thing that makes you different — your story.

Thanks for being part of our story,