Our Story

Like most things that are meant to be, K+L Storytellers suffered into it. Here's our story.

Roderick and Michele Kelly began the company years ago under a very long name that is hardly memorable now. Life was good. Motorola was our biggest client. We took the family to Italy.

Then the Great Recession dropped in for lunch and ate everything in our refrigerator.

Years passed and Roderick went on to do financial writing. Michele did what she loved best: she took the children everywhere so they could see life as an adventure. She kept writing, too, as a hired gun for brands.


In September of 2017, Michele and Roderick peeked inside their lives and found that old business partners make great new ones. He was an award-winning journalist and content strategist to the Fortune 500. She was an author of three ghostwritten books and a brand architect for dozens of culture-driven companies.

Together, they know great stories change the world. That's it. That's the whole story.


In every unforgettable story there is a moment of truth. The narrative shifts. You become a believer. Suddenly, you rally for the anti-hero, a cause, a hope, someone's passion project. We are, of course, talking about your business. Aren't we?


Transparency is everything because there is only one shared truth.

It’s all of us or none of us because life and business are not mutually exclusive. The people who help us along our climb matter more than what we find when we reach the peak.

Bring honor to the family in your work, relationships, actions and words.

Strive hard to seek the best route. There are many roads one can take, but it takes dedication and courage to find the one that is a shade better than the rest.

Beauty is essential to a great life and the heart of any enduring story.


  1. Learn your business imperatives: what do you want to achieve?

  2. Identify the scope and timeline: what content will tell your story best? 

  3. Create a letter of engagement everybody goes wild over.

  4. Kick-off meeting + cool K+L onboarding box: let’s get to it!