Think about it. You meet someone on the L and they say they are starting a pizza joint. It's in honor of their mom and dad who came from Italy and worked themselves to the bone to put three kids through college. You can't wait to try the family recipe. You tell a few friends from work. You like the Facebook page. Why? Because you know the story behind the pies.

(The above story is true. Except Michele didn't start a pizza joint, she started a storytelling company. In the pic: Erminia and Frank LoDestro. Yep, that's the "L" part in K+L Storytellers.)

Story matters. Here's why…

  • Story has a better chance of putting your company in long-term memory instead of being discarded like thousands of other data points we receive every day

  • Your content aligns with your messaging

  • You have more in common with your customers

  • Conversations ignite

  • Increased web traffic - data analytics are up!

  • More new leads because relationships are building

  • Your company has a higher valuation - it's stronger

  • You're building community

  • Your internal storytelling has people jazzed to be working together

  • Industry influencers remember you to refer business

  • Finally, your mission becomes more clear

  • You don't need a suggestion box - people are sharing ideas

  • Your culture is shaping up

  • Work is a happier place - people understand their critical contribution to the company's story

This document BLOWS ME AWAY!!! . . .What stands out so clearly in reviewing this document is the importance to the story arc and how it will help drive engagement and messaging of the brand. It creates the road map to follow in getting us to a destination.

Having this Story Sprint to use as our guide allows us to create a general marketing strategy that puts a unique educative focus to the audiences we need to engage with and associate relevant messaging to each of them.
— Frankie Gray, founder of InteGRAYted Marketing