Where You Go, I Will Go

So honored to have been asked to write a poem for the Marmion Academy Mothers' Club Spring Luncheon. The composition entitled "Where You Go, I Will Go" gives tribute to the special relationship between mothers and sons and is thematically rooted in the Book of Ruth.

By Michele Kelly

 My son, my little one

“Where you go, I will go”

“Where you stay, I will stay”

Oh, Ruth, you knew

My son, my little one

Time plays tricks

Forever seems as endless as the sky

And the tiny violet your chubby hand so carefully picked just for me

I thought it would last forever


All those muddy knees

And little broken hearts

So many sidelines where I stood from afar

Watching you learn and grow, fail and triumph

Ruth, you knew


That little boys grow up to be young men

Brave and resolute and unwavering

Sons of our Lord, soldiers of Christ

Again, we return to the sidelines, the sidelines of our son’s life

We watch as he walks silently toward his purpose


My son, my little one

You will always be with me

Because a mother’s heart

Is a place where time does not exist

A place where love lives without condition or reason


My son, my little one

“Where you go, I will go”

“Where you stay, I will stay”

Forever remember this, my son

My little one